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Whole salt: but is it really better than other salts?

Whole salt: but is it really better than other salts?

Whole salt is gaining ground among consumers. But is it true that from a nutritional and health point of view it is better than the other salts on the market? Read on to find out.
Whole salt, what is it really?
Integral salt is a salt that is obtained from sea water, like sea salt. The difference lies in the degree of purification: whole salt is less refined than normal sea salt and for this reason many say that it contains more valuable elements for health, such as magnesium, zinc and iodine. The beneficial and nutritional properties of the “84 elements” contained in the whole salt are enhanced and some even claim that it is low in sodium. But it is false!
What elements does whole salt contain?
Numerous substances are diluted in sea water, many of which are certainly not beneficial (just think of how many chemicals reach the sea). Even if the seas differ in degree of salinity – for example our Mediterranean is more saline than the Baltic Sea – the majority elements are always sodium chloride, magnesium salts, calcium and potassium , which make up about 86% of the total solid component. But what’s in the remaining 14%? Is that where the famous “84 elements” are found? Yes, and there are many more than 84! There are potentially beneficial elements, such as elements that are anything but healthy (eg mercury, arsenic, lead, etc.), but all in such low percentages as to have neither positive nor negative effects on our body.
But at least the whole salt contains little sodium?
Absolutely NO, whole salt has a sodium content practically identical to that of normal table salt.
Are there salts with the exact same taste as salt but with less sodium?
If you want to season your dishes by significantly reducing the percentage of sodium, forget about the whole salt, it is certainly not the solution.

We can only advise you to start using the products of the IDEALE range , which maintain the salty taste and reduce sodium by 50 to 75%.


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