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Sale Ideale, Italy and Universal Trades, India

In 2015, Next Holding SpA had recognised the potential for patent proposal of a liquid salt with low sodium content.

By putting together the strong technically specialised know-how of the scientific team and entrepreneurship of the Next Holding company, the SALE IDEALE group was formed, under which Low Sodium & Healthy Salt substitute in liquid form was developed and presented by a scientific team with over twenty years’ experience on salt.

From scratch, a scientific laboratory was set up in order to be able to study both the industrial process and the increase of IDEALE products. As a matter of fact, since the very beginning, the liquid product was accompanied by a solid one that would appear in the traditional formats already known to the public: fine and coarse.

After almost three years of study, began venturing into the market. Today, besides the scientific laboratory, there is a pioneering industrial establishment, technologically leading, capable of handling each step of production and guaranteeing the quality of the process.

Furthermore, due to increased awareness about benefits of Low sodium diet, and attention received from buyers and professionals from all over the world, the company has begun to expand the patent coverage and marketing to all the main world markets (Europe, USA, China, India, Japan and Russia).

For India & UAE markets, UNIVERSAL TRADES was appointed as a Value Added Reseller to look after imports and distribution of IDEALE products in these highly potential markets where low sodium & salt alternative products were required due to high instances of High Blood pressure, Water retention, Hypertension etc.


Revolutionise the way people use salt: finally, with the variety offered by IDEALE, the taste of salt can be enhanced by greatly reducing the sodium intake and thus safeguarding our health.

This is why, beyond a strong commercial strategy aimed at the consumer world, SALE IDEALE is also extremely active in partnerships with food companies.

In fact, the most innovative food companies which also sell around the world, know how much legislation regarding the sodium content in food produce has become ever more severe.

SALE IDEALE, with its unique products and its experienced background is, for sure, the proper performer to succeed in satisfying both B2B partners and the final customers who have become more aware about benefits of reduced sodium diets for healthy & better living and choosing what they eat with attention.

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