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Ideale is the low sodium condiment to help you reduce salt intake in a healthy way, without giving up the taste and flavor of salt


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IDEALE is for well-being.

IDEALE is the innovative condiment suitable for all people attentive to their lifestyle and their psychophysical well-being.

IDEALE is the right choice for the woman who cares about perfect physical shape. Medical studies confirm that cellulite is not only an unsightly factor, but a problem linked to micro-circulation. It is a real ailment linked to improper diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and salt abuse. Dressing with IDEALE means to considerably limit the sodium doses and fight cellulite, fat and extra pounds.

IDEALE is the right choice for those who play sports at a competitive or amateur level. Wellness also means leading a dynamic and energetic life, without necessarily being a professional sportsman. To do all this it is necessary to maintain a correct diet rich in nutrients, essential to make us feel good physically and psychologically.

A healthy diet with IDEALE ensures appetizing dishes capable of stimulating the senses of taste, smell and sight. IDEALE is also perfect for those who have embraced a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Is salt bad for you?

The World Health Organization has for some time already raised the alarm on the danger of salt, whose consumption should never exceed 5 g per day, that is 2 g of sodium.

Recent studies have shown, however, that on an average of more than 10 g of salt is consumed per day and this constitutes a real danger to health.

In fact, in addition to what we voluntarily add to our dishes, there is the salt that every food naturally contains, an aspect that contributes to making us consume an excessive daily amount of sodium. The risks to be encountered due to high salt consumption are well known: arterial hypertension, water retention, kidney stones and bone problems.

Each recipe has its " IDEALE ".

Such as?

Thanks to a wide range of products that are perfectly suited to the needs of even the most demanding chefs.

IDEALE uses only Italian salt, a 100% natural patent and all the quality of research made in Italy.

IDEALE is available in traditional formats, that is coarse and thin, but also in the most innovative and practical ones such as liquid salt and spray.

In cooking water or to make brines or preserves in salt, the choice will have to fall on the typical large format.

The fino, on the other hand, finds space to salt foods especially after cooking or to be brought to the table normally.

To amaze its guests, however, IDEALE also offers the opportunity to use the exclusive liquid and spray versions. The first is particularly suitable for all those dishes that require a generous dosage, both for seasoning and for cooking. The spray instead offers the possibility of perfectly distributing the quantity and can be brought to the table for seasoning, using the dose that best suits your taste.

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