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The salt in the life of a runner, how to manage the reintegration phase

The salt in the life of a runner, how to manage the reintegration phase

At the basis of a runner’s life there is undoubtedly a correct and balanced diet. The intake of certain foods in greater quantities, to replenish what the body has burned during training, can lead to imbalances or, in the most serious cases, to real illness.

The problem of mineral salts
The runner, during the effort, in addition to burning fat, expels, through sweating, a considerable amount of liquids and mineral salts. It has been established that a runner can lose about 3g of sodium in an hour. If we think that the average sodium requirement in a person is about 2g per day, we understand how important a correct reintegration is to regulate the levels of fluids in the body.

Taking too much salt
We have seen how the replenishment phase is almost as important as training, but you have to be careful not to overdo it.
Ten grams of common salt contain about 4 grams of sodium: if to restore the levels we exaggerate with the intake of salt and therefore sodium, our body expels water from the cells and blood to restore salinity, consequently increases the feeling thirsty which can lead to swelling and water retention.

A revolutionary solution
To still take the right doses of sodium, the solution is Ideale. This product, in particular in the revolutionary spray format, facilitates the intake and a measured dosage.

Thanks to Ideale, sodium intake for replenishment in the correct quantities will no longer be a problem. Not even for runners who suffer from excessive sweating or for those who carry out competitive and intense activities.


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