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Reduce the doses of salt: what to do in the kitchen

Reduce the doses of salt: what to do in the kitchen

Reducing daily sodium doses and leading a healthier diet: here are some tips on what we can do in the kitchen

The intake of the right amount of sodium is essential for survival: the WHO has established the maximum daily threshold of 2 grams of sodium. The statistics confirm that in Italy (but in much of the rest of the world is no different) almost all exceed this threshold, sometimes without even realizing it because a lot of salt is “hidden” in foods. What tips can you follow in the kitchen for a healthier diet? Let’s find out together.
Good habits for decreasing salt doses
The risks involved when taking too high sodium doses are known: increased blood pressure, and therefore hypertension, higher chances of getting cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some types of cancer. Reducing the amount of sodium is very important, here are some tips on good practices to be activated in the kitchen:

  • During the preparation and / or seasoning of food, use less salt, or use IDEALE which, compared to normal table salt, reduces the amount of sodium in its LIQUID and SPRAY form by 75% and by 50% in its Coarse formats and until. For example, when cooking pasta, you can cook it in unsalted water and, only at the end, add IDEALE spray, easy to dose, which guarantees the right flavor by drastically reducing the amount of sodium.
  • o Avoid eating between meals: it is not only good for the figure but also reduces the amount of salt taken, especially if you indulge in salty snacks, very rich in sodium. If you can’t get enough of a snack, choose fresh, healthy foods like fruit or vegetables.
  • o Cook at home rather than going out to eat: once in a while is fine, but eating often at a restaurant or bar reduces control over the amount of sodium you consume.
  • o Avoid using sauces: soy sauce, mayonnaise, mustard are rich in sodium and are often also a source of superfasts.
  • o Check the labels of the foods you buy at the grocery store to get used to understanding how much sodium they contain and avoid those with excessive doses of salt. Pay particular attention to products such as stock cubes or freeze-dried soups.
  • o Use spices more: they are specially made to flavor foods! Garlic, onion, and lemon can also help make your cooking healthier.


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