Ideale Low Sodium Salt 120ml bottle

IDEALE Low Sodium Liquid Salt, 120ml Spray


Low sodium and iodised Ideale Liquid Salt is a low-sodium salt formulated with patented technology to provide 75% lower sodium than regular salt.

Ideale helps the whole family take effective pre-emptive steps to keep the water retention, blood pressure and health in control.

The World Health Organisation has already issued an alarm about the risks high of salt intake.

The risks faced due to high salt consumption are well known: arterial hypertension, water retention, kidney stones and bone problems, High Blood Pressure.

These conditions  can be effectively managed by reducing the intake of sodium. To control sodium intake, people diagnosed with hypertension are often advised to reduce or control salt consumption. 

Doctors often advise limiting consumption of salt as a preventive measure to avoid many health problems.

Salt is a very present ingredient in any culinary specialties, which delights the palate of young and old.

Ideale Liquid Salt is the low sodium salt spray that helps reduce salt intake in a healthy way, without sacrificing the taste and flavour of the salt .

The excellence and novelty of IDEALE Liquid Salt , which can claim 75% less sodium in respect to traditional salt, is offered here in the handy format with dispenser spray. IDEALE SPRAY allows a precise and measured dose which easily approaches the use of IDEALE. 

Put an end to the usual family complaints between those who love unsalted food and those who use too much salt. Make them all agree on IDEALE SPRAY by putting it on the table; each one will easily find the desired flavour directly on the plate.

The spray mist maximises the flavouring effect, covering the surface of your salads, vegetables, meat, fish or pasta. At the table you will never quit using Ideal SPRAY for sure!

In your kitchens & on dining table, you will never be able to do without Liquid IDEALE.

  • Key Features

    • Low-sodium liquid salt made in Italy with patented technology to provide 75% lower sodium than regular salt
    • Ideale helps consumers an effective way towards keeping the water retention, blood pressure and health of whole family in control.
    • Ideale Liquid Salt is the low sodium salt spray that helps reduce salt intake in a healthy way, without sacrificing the taste and flavour of the salt .
    • Low Sodium and No Potassium, makes it suitable for Liver and Kideny patients also. Pls confirm with your doctor.
    • Net Contents : 120ml / 1000 Sprays Per Bottle.
    • 100% Natural. Made in Italy.
    • 1000 sprays equal approx 150gm of common salt but contains only 1/4th of sodium.
  • Return & Refund Policy

    If you are not satisfied with the product, feel free to return with 3 days after you receive the product. 

    We will refund your amount after deducting nominal courier charges.

    Net product volume is 120ml when shipped, we do not accept returns if the product has been consumed more than 5ml. Pls contact us & share the image of product before return for return approval.

    Once return is approved, we will arrange pick up and refund your amount (after deducting courier charges) once we get back the product.


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