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Ordinary salt is a formula which, at chemical level, is defined as NaCL (sodium chloride). The flavor of common salt is acquired through the positive ions of sodium (Na+).

When the grains of common salt melt with food (or in the mouth due to saliva) the ionization of sodium is achieved: this process provides the sensation of flavor.

Thanks to the hyper-ionization process patented by SALE IDEALE, the positive sodium ions manage to act faster and enter the taste buds to better perceive the taste.

A physical process only, without the use of chemicals or additives.

This is why the liquid formula, available both as a 250ml liquid or 120ml spray, while reducing the content of sodium by 75%, succeeds in maintaining the taste of salt.

Not a simple brine but a product of high scientific value protected by a patent which has been extended to worldwide markets.

To guarantee the very high standards of our products, we have joined forces with external certifying agencies and with the University of Pavia. With the latter, we make particular supervision so that the sodium content is verified in order to offer the best product to our customers

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