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Are our children getting enough iodine?

Are our children getting enough iodine?

For Mother
Reducing the amount of sodium you consume is a healthy choice, but how do you go about it? Potassium chloride is the ideal substitute for flavoring while staying healthy. A recent study by the University of Foggia revealed that almost 50% of young people have iodine deficiencies. Iodized salt can help. Great strides have been made in the integration of iodine in the diet : this beneficial element, for the health of the thyroid, was once lacking in the diets of a large part of the population of the hinterland. Over the decades, iodine prophylaxis has greatly improved the situation, eradicating some pathologies – such as goiter – linked to the absence of iodine in the diet. But what we already do is enough? Can iodized salt help?
Iodine in the children’s diet
A recent study by the University of Foggia, in collaboration with numerous Italian institutes and hospitals (the study covers 10 regions), focused on a sample of 1270 children and young people between the ages of 6 and 18, revealing that:
  • The 47.2% of the total of boys and girls does not have an adequate intake of iodine
  • Among girls, the percentage grows to 54.6%
These are very high percentages, due to a diet not rich enough in elements that contain iodine. Typically this element is present in fish, molluscs and crustaceans, eggs, cow’s milk and iodized salt .
Iodine and diet, what can be done?
The professor. Campanozzi, lead pediatrician of the study that appeared in the American Journal Clinical Nutrition , recommends increasing, in the diets of children and teenagers, the amount of foods in which iodine is present: for example, he recommends eating fish once a week and using it in the kitchen iodized salt : “Attention the salt must be little, but iodized. I am thinking of the large amounts of non-iodized salt ingested by children who eat French fries or other salty snacks. ” Salt must be low because the sodium present in it, if taken in high doses can cause serious health problems. For this reason IDEALE turns out to be the perfect solution: it is iodized but has a sodium lower than 75% compared to common salt.


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