Ideale The Future of Salt. Low Sodium. Liquid


for 4 people ——————-

Artichokes 8pcs
Garlic cloves 2pcs
Lemon 1pcs
Parsley 1pcs
Roman mint 1pcs
Oil to taste
IDEAL up 1.5g
pepper to taste
Wash the artichokes well. Cut off the tough outer leaves,shorten the stems so that only half an inch remains, andkeep the cut parts. Soak the artichokes in water acidulatedwith lemon juice.

Take the cut stems and peel them to remove the fibrouspart. Then chop them together with garlic cloves, parsleyand five or six mint leaves. Season with oil, IDEAL up andpepper and leave to rest, so that the salt dries thevegetation water

Spread the corolla of the artichokes with your fingers andput a little of the mixture prepared with the stems in thecenter of each. Then line the artichokes in a saucepan orpan with high sides, pour two glasses of water, sprinkle withthree or four tablespoons of oil, cover and cook for about anhour.

Remove the pan and transfer the artichokes to serving plates.
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