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for 4 people ——————-

Veal cutlets on the 4pcs
bone weighing about 100g
300 g 2pcs
Clarified butter Eggs taste
Bread crumbs to
IDEAL up taste
To begin with, remove the fat around the ribs. Then use a wet meat mallet to thin the meat slightly from the outside, leaving a thicker part at the root of the bone. Dip the ribs in unsalted beaten eggs, then pass in breadcrumbs. Lightly tap with the meat tenderizer again.

In a large pan, melt plenty of clarified butter and, when it is bubbling, dip the cutlets. Leave to brown for 3-5 minutes on each side, the meat should remain soft and pink inside.

Drain, dry on absorbent kitchen and dining paper with IDEALE fino.

Arrange on the plate and enjoy your meal!

Always salt the meats at the end of the preparation, so that
they do not lose their liquids during cooking. In this world
you will get a juicier cutlet.
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