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for 4 people ——————-

Eggplant 1.5kg
Cherry tomatoes 1kg
Parmesan 140g
Hard-boiled eggs 3pcs
Basil Abundant
Extra virgin olive to taste
oil to taste
Garlic 8g
Coarse salt IDEAL 7
Origan to
IDEAL liquid Teaspoon
pepper to
pepper to taste
Cut the aubergines into slices, arrange them in a perforated pan and sprinkle them with a little coarse IDEALE. Let it rest for about an hour by placing a weight on the pan to press the eggplant.

Drain and dry the slices well with kitchen paper, then fry in a pan with hot oil and remove them when they are slightly golden on both sides. Then let them drain on absorbent kitchen paper.

Prepare the sauce: put extra virgin olive oil and garlic in a pan and let it brown. Then add the tomatoes previously peeled, seeded and cut into small pieces. Finally add the basil.

Cook for about 20-25 minutes over medium heat. Salt with liquid IDEALE and continue cooking until the sauce is thick.

On the bottom of a baking dish, spread a spoonful of the sauce you have prepared, covering the entire surface. Arrange the golden eggplants on top of the sauce and sprinkle them in turn with sauce and a pinch of freshly ground pepper and hand-chopped basil. Also add half of the hard boiled eggs cut into slices. Also add two or three tablespoons of grated Parmesan.

Repeat the same operation for the second layer and cook in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 20 minutes.

To be served warm.
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